I had one of those mornings this morning where absolutely everything that could have gone wrong did. I left late, got stuck in a lift again, and emerged from my building to find that it was absolutely chucking it down and I had about 25 minutes to do the 35 minute walk to work. When it rains in Hong Kong, it really chucks it down so thinking that you’ll be alright in the face of such torrential rain is actually just really naive. Despite having many other things gone wrong this morning, my decision to walk to work will always be just that because I am of the opinion that whilst I have fully functional legs then I should use them. I might as well have not used my umberella because I arrived at work dripping, with shoes squelching and maxi dress literally plastered to my body. Fortunately, a fellow teacher covered my first lesson and my ace centre manager and I went and got some new clothes so I’m writing this wearing a super fashionable shirt and leggings.
I’ve learnt my lesson though, if it so happens that there is a torrential downpour and I’m not late because of being stuck in a lift, just suck it up and take the bus.
The day turned around pretty epically when everyone at my centre surprised me with a birthday cake at lunchtime to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. Yay!


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