Honestly, I just really creeped her out.

So I was told, since it was my birthday, to go and get a massage for myself and was ushered in the general direction of a place that is super cheap and very good, which I have to admit was very true. Enter, feeling pretty excited, ready to completely chill and find that the extent of English the masoos could speak was ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’. (about the same level as my Cantonese.) Didn’t think it would be a problem because it’s not like you go there for a conversation. I wasn’t, however, expecting to start uncontrollably giggling every time she touched various spots on my back. The poor woman had no idea what to do and eventually just chose to ignore me rather than speak at me or find out if she should continue. I’m not even just a little bit ticklish though, so I spent the majority of the hour laughing. I probably won’t be going back or not at least until I’ve learnt how to apologise for just being a general creep.


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