‘Oh man I wish I’d watched more TV in my twenties’ is something nobody is ever going to look back and say so I’ve eliminated any kind of poor excuse I might have for not being bothered to do something. Since arriving in Hong Kong I have pretty much said yes to everything and I’ve done some really cool stuff, junk boats and rooftops amongst the coolest, and eaten some really weird stuff so far. Last night I got asked to play in a tennis match. I haven’t played tennis probably since the start of Uni so I wasn’t really overjoyed about the chance of humiliating myself in front of new people. Not to mention after work, being slightly hungover, I kind of wanted to just go home and chill with the roomies. However I thought it’d be a good chance to meet some locals and explore a new area of Hong Kong. Turned out to be a really ace night (Tehe) to be honest because I didn’t lose, got some good tips, asked to play again, earned a new tennis partner and the coach took me out afterwards for proper traditional Hong Kong dessert. Honestly I’m not entirely sure what I ate because I was the only English speaker apart from him for miles, but it was exceptional and contained a lot of those bubble things I keep forgetting the name of. So if nothing else, saying yes gets you dessert and if that’s not enough to convince you then you ought to reevaluate things anyway.

 This was further improved when I was offered a ticket to go and watch the Hong Kong open for free. Obviously didn’t say no to that. Probably the closest I’ll ever be to Venus Williams. (2metres away)


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