It’s no secret to most people that know me well that I am insanely ticklish, but I was hoping to turn over a new leaf in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, this plan has been unsuccessful. It also turns out that news like this travels quicker amongst children in a learning centre than any other kind of gossip I’ve ever experienced. I have a phonics lesson with two kids every Tuesday and Friday. One is a gorgeous little gem called Mavis, the other, Yin, is exceptionally mischievous but very cute, falls over basically all the time and always has candy in his pocket. (Someone has remarked that this is basically my child equivalent.) Last Tuesday, after a few tumbles around the classroom, Yin decided he was going to try tickling me and he got a reaction much greater than he had anticipated. Seeing as this was just two kids I thought it would stay within that hour. Unfortunately, in my next lesson, a chatroom with a fair few more children, Yin was thrown into the mix. Safe to say I spent the majority of the hour standing up fighting off small people.

And somehow the news has travelled..


They’re still pretty cute though



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