Besides the obvious family and friends, rolling green hills and Sunday mountains with my dad what I actually miss the most is toast. I didn’t even eat toast that often it’s just I’ve never experienced life without a toaster or an oven and that’s really distressing for me. It is possible to find it in a restaurant (extortionate) and you can do it in a pan but it’s not the same okay. Egg and soldiers toast needs toaster toast. (Just being difficult)


Missing those good old English gradients

Other things I miss include:

My ace collection of woolley jumpers.

Leaving the house needing a jacket instead of entering buildings needing a jacket.

Speaking of which, my ski jacket.

The way my house smells in winter when the fire is on.

My vinyl

The stupidly large amount of books available in my house. (Library standard)

Being able to bake

Being able to run for miles and miles through Yorkshire countryside.

Not having to do a little sum in my head to work out if something is extortionate or not.

I miss London at Christmas time. London at Christmas time is the best.
Things I do not miss:

British weather

Inefficient transport systems

Expensive avocados


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