I’m that token person that’s always cold. I’m not exactly sure why this happens but I have just assumed that my body is a couple of degrees lower than everybody else. I will be the person who takes your jacket and I will resemble the Michelin man should the temperature be any less than 10 degrees. (Probably higher just don’t want to seem too pathetic). I was looking forward to moving to Hong Kong partially because I was excited about the prospect of not actually being cold since I’d heard that the absolute coldest it gets here is about 10 degrees. I can deal with that. For that reason I did not bring a winter jacket with me, just a couple of thin cardigans and jumpers. In the first few months of being here I thought I was being really stupid to even have brought those because, I’ll be honest, it has been pretty damn hot on some days, and the end of the humid summer makes me very unexcited about the prospect of having to work through the whole of it next summer. So far then, I’d only used my jumpers for inside and air con and having a cold body temperature has actually served me pretty well for not spending money on air con at home because I literally never put it on. However, I left the flat the other morning, without a jumper seeing as though it had been 35degrees the previous day, to find I had goosebumps. I have literally shunned people here for what they consider to be cold, despite being the cold person, but it happened. I got cold. Again. Dreams of warmth forever shattered. Not only this, but after arriving at work half an hour later and checking the temperature, I realised it was 20degrees. I have had texts from my Dad telling me how cold it is back home and how grateful he is for a wood burner. I swallow my words now that I’m cold, like to the point of wanting my scarf and ski jacket, in twenty degrees (which is essentially equivalent to British summertime temperature). What has happened.
 I did however, arrive at work this morning feeling a little bit chilly to a surprise gingerbread latte from my workmate. Not a bad way to to be warmed up on a Friday morning.

Dear ski jacket, I miss you. love Ella xox



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