I have always enjoyed spending time with kids because I just love how honest they are. There is no filter at all and as a consequence they come out with the most incredibly golden things. I have genuinely lost count of the times that I have had to turn around and hide myself laughing so that they don’t react too chaotically and there honestly hasn’t been a single day where someone hasn’t said something or done something that I wish had been on tape so I could laugh that hard again and again. That kind of say what you’re thinking attitude is also pretty ace for your confidence too. I have this one kid Yin, who I will be writing about pretty regularly because I love him, like genuinely, I really really love him, who sits there and asks me why I am so pretty a few times a lesson. That’s not why I love him but it definitely doesn’t hinder him either. Yin also regularly asks me when my baby is coming and feels my belly. That wasn’t a confidence booster the first time but I’ve since noticed that he does it to most adults and also been told that he’s dying for a little brother. I will not be providing one for him.

Another kid regularly runs up to me and hugs my leg whilst saying ‘I like you’. This kid also tries to kiss me and I have now spent too many hours trying to catch his little cheeks before he manages to get to my lips.

I also have this great lesson on a Friday evening with a bunch of kids that just spend the hour telling me how beautiful I am. (They get a lot of stars). It’s great timing because I’ll head out on a Friday night feeling absolutely ace about myself.

I’ve also started timing getting a coffee on my 3:30 break because it coincides with the kids getting out of school and I feel like a celebrity when they’re all shouting ‘Miss Ella’ down the street. *queue hair swish*


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