Actually, wasn’t even hinting.

Since arriving in Hong Kong, I decided to start up some tennis again. (See previous posts.) All went very well the first week, won my matches, all was ace. The coach seemed nice. The second week the coach seemed very nice and ended up giving me a free ticket to the Hong Kong open and taking me out for lunch. I don’t know if it was naive of me to accept but I genuinely was under the impression that he was just a nice guy and helping me settle into Hong Kong. Since that episode, he started asking me out, to which I responded no. Every. Single. Time. This was happening a few times a day. So I turn up to a tennis practice the next week and the guy decides he’s going to walk me home afterwards, which I was opposed to because I know the way and I’m super independent woo. After getting to the entrance of my building I type in the code, ready to head when he leans in for the kiss. My response to this was to full on high five him and run away. That’s not hinting. That’s an obvious I’m not interested, goodbye. I actually haven’t run that fast before if I am honest. I thought this would probably do the trick and he’d stop asking me out and we could just get on playing tennis, like I had intended. But no. Without fail, he texts again asking me out. I accepted a tennis match a few weeks later after not saying a word to him at all in between but after accepting it I got bombarded with the offer of dinner. My first response was to say no because I was working late. Then he suggested after, and I said no because it was too late. Then he suggested we grab lunch on my Wednesday day off, to which I said no I’ve got plans. I’ve been here 3 months now. I had been playing tennis since about week two. I have had a text from him most weeks now asking the same thing.

I have temporarily stopped playing tennis.


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