Despite the title, Hong Kong hasn’t instilled in me any inclination towards violence at this point. I have however taken up Muay Thai, as suggested by the headteacher at my centre, and I honestly feel like I can seriously take on the world when I leave each week. Plus, when you casually mention the fact that you now know how to elbow, kick, knee and punch someone properly, which I mention wherever I possibly can, I really enjoy the response of them acknowledging that you could beat them up no problem if you needed to.

I started it about a month or so ago now and I’m totally hooked. It’s super intense and definitely an ace workout if that’s what you’re after. Cardio, followed by pushups, followed by cardio, followed by abs, repeat. But genuinely, it is one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done.. The first week I did it, because I was learning all the different ways I could hurt someone, it was just me and a guy letting me attack him in more ways than I knew I could. That was probably one of the best hours of my life. Turns out I had a lot of pent up anger.  Now I’m at the point where I’ve got a couple of buddies there and have made friends with some proper professional fighters. I figure, even if I can’t actually beat someone up properly just yet, (totally could), I know people who can do it for me. It’s really important who you make friends with you know.


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