One of the last things my Dad said to me before I came out to Hong Kong was ‘Always be you’. That’s such a strange concept because it’s very hard to be anyone else if you consider it literally, but I suppose what he meant was not to lose grips on the things that made me ‘me’ whilst I was away. (I’m glad he likes me enough to not say ‘come back a better person’.)

Inevitably, people change. I’m not the same person I came out here as; I’m not the same person I went to Uni as; I’m not the same person I was yesterday. That’s not a bad thing. I want a lot of different things now than I did this time last year. Saying that some things about me are never ever going to change and I’ve realised those things more than ever in the past three months.

Probably the most prominent of all of these is hiking. I just really love to walk. It’s pretty much rain or shine, any day, any time, I’ll probably be up for it, with or without company. Think this started when my Dad took me up Helvellyn when I was about 8 or something and also when he had me looking at his slides of climbing the Andes and the Himalayas in his twenties. Those kind of things pretty much sealed it for me and I’d be more than content with a life that saw me do very little else. I’m very simple apparently. My Dad is climbing Mont Blanc this year. That’s all I’m really aiming for, to be walking until my legs don’t work anymore.

At uni I was using most Sundays to go hiking with friends and home most Sundays to go hiking with my Dad. I’ve definitely decreased it since coming here, though not stopped, but I’ve every intention of slipping a few (lot) more in before I make any move again. I’ve got my sights on Fuji, Rinjani and the entirety of Nepal before I make any step away from Asia too.

Think I’m still being me.


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