This is definitely something I was already very aware of, but these past few weeks have somewhat reminded me again. It basically bottles down to, not everyone is comfortable with not knowing what they’re going to do tomorrow. I definitely slip more into the category of winging it for most things but I have realised that this can be very unnerving for others who seem to fall into a category of plan every day down to the absolute second. My Mum is one of these people. It was very unsettling to her when I was still working up in Edinburgh, completely unprepared for Hong Kong, three or four days before my flight. I wasn’t worried, someone was doing that for me.

I’ve met a lot of people like this and it must be very annoying for them to meet people like me who simply refuse to cooperate with the plan making. I probably wasn’t the best person about my most recent interaction with a person like this, because I just stopped replying, to the point of ignoring texts, emails, calls and voice messages and even the threat of a house visit. But in fairness, most of the time I don’t know what I’m having for dinner, never mind where I am intending to sleep a few months down the line. Ignoring these kinds of people actually just makes it worse though and sometimes it’s easier to just cooperate. Be a good person. I’m comfortable with winging it, others aren’t and I ought to respect that. I’m not entirely uncomfortable with making plans either, some things do need some planning, so actually I was just being my usual stubborn self by refusing to participate in the organisation.

I eventually succumbed. My life has been planned for me. Everyone’s happy.


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