I’m sure a lot of the people I’ve met in Hong Kong would give a lot to be with their families this Christmas. I would too – Christmas time is family time. But seeing as though they’re halfway around the world I’m beyond grateful that I met some beautiful beautiful people who can still make it special. I’m currently sat in a gorgeous apartment in Discovery Bay, sipping eggnog coffee on Christmas Day morning watching White Christmas, having opened Secret Santa gifts, (thank you Rayne) and overlooking the beach with 4 girls that have made my time in Hong Kong so far better than I could ever have imagined. They are a real Hong Kong family for me and I’m glad, by some stroke of luck, that I was blessed with such incredible people from day one. If I couldn’t have been with my family this Christmas, I wouldn’t have wished for it to be with anyone but these incredible girls.

Last night Chantel and I teamed up to make a mean Shepherd’s pie, having also been blessed with an oven for the first time in nearly four months. Our Christmas Eve was spent listening to music around the dinner table, chatting, drinking and Rayne and I plotting which golf cart we were going to commandeer. I think I woke up this morning the latest I ever had on a Christmas Day (12), although technically the earliest in the UK if you account for the time difference. Today Tarryn and Rayne are cooking brunch, we will go for a hike and head back to tst for a dinner overlooking Hong Kong skyline.

 Christmas is equally as wonderful for me this year as it has ever been. To all my family and friends back home, I wish you the merriest of Christmases and all the love in the world.
Merry Christmas.


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