Top tip for three reasons.

  1. What people say when you let them word vomit is so often beyond incredible. I’m very comfortable with awkward silences, to me they’re normally just silences and I almost revel in the fact that some people really really need to fill them. I’m past this point with my bestie now, we can sit together for hours and not say a thing, but there have been points when I’ve witnessed her need to do this with others and it’s just nonsensical gold. If I could get it down in writing then I would, I really would, but it wouldn’t do it justice.
  2. People have absolutely brilliant stories hidden up their sleeves. (I do tend to write these ones down because together they’re accumulating to the workings of a great book somewhere down the line.) But I have found, if you give them the chance, people will let you in on some pretty spectacular events in their lives. Most recently I’ve found out about some pretty epic tomato demands, excellent means by which to get to your own birthday junk boat that you happen to miss and finally about the need to be appeased with empty diet coke cans when your uni dorm takes the ones you were collecting.
  3. Last but most probably not least, people actually have better top tips for life than I do. Who could believe it?

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