Hong Kong is definitely one of the most transient places I’ve ever been in terms of the fact that somebody is always coming and somebody is always going. This is something I’ve never experienced to the same extent before but actually works quite well for me considering how quickly I can get bored of one thing or the same place. Some of the people I’ve met here will be gone long before I move on to the next stop and so it seems like a place where the best possible way to get by is to not get too attached to anything. Saying that, I’ve met some very incredible people and they can expect to see me visiting their home country in the future.

What I have also come to realise, in combination with this and having left the UK about four months ago now, is that people will always fill the space you left behind. This is not a sob story or an opportunity for me to go soppy, I’d just like to share that my brother has in fact turned my bedroom into his gym. He has replaced hanging out in my room with me with hanging out in my room with his weights. I was expecting it to go more in the direction of a shrine of some sort, so I’m marginally offended that he thinks weights can ever really fill the empty feeling that has no doubt overcome him with my disappearance.

On the bright side, my brother is now just past 6’1 and with some muscle on him he will finally stop disappearing when he turns sideways. So, I’m glad the space I left is, in some way, useful.


Lost. Shock.


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