In an effort to not kill the person I intend to climb the Andes with in a few years I’m making a (minimal) effort to improve my climbing and bouldering skills. So, I occasionally head down to the climbing wall in Kwun Tong with my friend Lorraine in an attempt to ascend, as best I can, a few vertical walls. Back home, my brother, who is insane at it, he’s basically a monkey, refused to allow me to come with him when he went as he thinks I’m some kind of liability. I can’t say I blame him for this because I do trip over my own feet more than your average person – putting me at a height is just asking for trouble. With this in mind, I decided that I no longer wanted to be a liability at the top of a mountain because that means I’m not just being a danger to myself and I’d feel super bad if I happened to get someone else hurt – responsible.

So the last time I made my valiant attempt ended up not being so great. I headed over to the climbing wall after work, made one pull up and absolutely maimed my shoulder. Stupidly I attempted climbing the day after having done Muay Thai for a few hours and my arms were already killing me. I literally made one pull up, felt it zing and then couldn’t raise my arms, which ended up bruising down the top for the next week, above shoulder height. It made writing on the board quite difficult. I also did this within ten minutes of actually arriving at the wall, not even having reached the top.  I refused to come and not actually reach the top of at least one route, so I made the painful attempt to complete it – stupid because I just zinged it further.  I then had to sit out anything difficult for the next two hours. The only silver lining of this scenario was that I got to sit and watch lots of muscly guys hanging off walls for a while – it was cool. Later, I got a lecture from my brother – it was not cool.



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