I know I’ve already posted something about being cold in Hong Kong, being disappointed in myself blah blah blah, but I’ve felt pretty smug the past few days given the fact that I was readily prepared with my ski beanie for the coldest weather Hong Kong has experienced since 1957. My ears were super toasty.

Granted it still doesn’t really qualify as the cold that I’m used to (I say used to but I’m not at all because I spend six-nine months of the year in a permanent state of shiver at home) but given that all of Hong Kong’s buildings are designed to stay cool throughout the summer -ie. keep in barely any heat – it meant that you didn’t delayer when you entered any indoor space and I reverted to my usual winter habit of sleeping in a ridiculous number of layers and a huge woolen jumper. (I also have no regrets about bringing that either) Three degrees outside means three degrees inside too. So my beanie has come in pretty handy for both indoors and outdoors over the past week.

‘You won’t need your woolen jumper, Ella, it doesn’t get that cold in Hong Kong’, said Mum.
‘Okay Mum’, replied Ella. *puts jumper in rucksack*
‘You definitely won’t need a hat,’ Mum added smugly,
‘Okay Mum’ *puts hat in rucksack*

Good job I’m super rebellious.


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