‘Would you put a cruffin in dessert or nibbles?’

Okay, so I didn’t choose Carly because she was a food blogger – I didn’t choose her at all, the fate that is Monkey Tree did that for me, and I didn’t keep her because she was a food blogger either – she’s my flatmate so it’s just really difficult to shake her. BUT, the fact that she is a food blogger is definitely a quality I’d advise you to look for when choosing your future friends..

If it isn’t the inevitable 3:30 text asking if I want to go *insert yummy food place here* for dinner, the Sunday morning wake ups for delicious brunches or the offering of cosy evenings in coffee shops reading and blogging with what she might define as ‘sips and nibbles’ that ensure you’re never eating a meal alone, I literally haven’t eaten on my own since arriving in Hong Kong, then if nothing else, you get to eat some really kick ass meals and have nobody judge you about how much food you can actually eat before you even start to feel full.

Your new food blogger friend will seek out all the best places to eat in any given location.  If you happen to travel to Taiwan with your new food blogger friend, your new food blogger friend will make sure she has a list and images and locations of all the local food. If you happen to be travelling to Vietnam with her in a few weeks, your new food blogger friend will probably do it for there too. In fact. add that to anywhere you happen to be travelling with your new food blogger friend because your new food blogger friend will do it.

There are, however, one or two drawbacks to having a food blogger for a friend.

The first is that if you do go to eat with your new food blogger friend then you’ll have to wait for a good five minutes before your food blogger friend actually starts to let you eat. There will be a series of photos that come before you can even touch your chopsticks – eventually you will just learn to sit there when your food is placed in front of you without actually making any movement towards it until the photos have been taken.

At first, these photos may embarrass you, but these feelings will quickly pass and you will become very immune to the looks from fellow restaurant goers. In fact, this will turn into a great thing because you should not be caring what others think anyway – I guess.

The second is that you’re eating out a lot. Inevitably, this will lead to money being spent and probably an increase in belly size so you might have to be prepared to dedicate more hours of your life to working out, which is fine because stay active blah blah blah.

Third and final is that you’re going to be dedicating a lot of your conversation with your food blogger friend into making sure an instagram caption is witty enough, or sounds good, and deciding whether salad rolls should be categorised into nibbles or lunch. The answer is far less obvious than you’d think.


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