Cheers to Marcel, another one of my below average roomies, for inspiring me on this one when complaining about carrying his bag around LKF after playing a gig.

Here are five very great reasons that he’s wrong:

  1. Carrying your backpack, around LKF in particular, means you have ample room for drinks, thus less trips to 7/11, thus more drinking time – duh.
  2. You can ensure at least a half metre radius around you whilst dancing and thus have more opportunity to show the world how badly you can move.
  3. If you’re intending on going home with someone, it’s the perfect place for you to wack in some stuff that will make it look like you didn’t go home with someone on the walk home the next day – super sly.
  4. There’s space for layering and delayering – this is key in my life because I’m forever cold and require a ridiculous number of layers just to feel a comfortable temperature.
  5. They make you look edgier than you actually are, which is something we obviously all strive for.

    Nobody really likes the person in the club with the backpack, but it’s only because they envy how genius an idea it actually is, and you have plenty of friends anyway.



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