I hate to break this to you, but it turns out I’m not quite as intelligent as you probably thought. This experience was a real sucker punch to the ego and I advise that you don’t try an escape room if you want to stay blissfully ignorant of the fact that you can’t crack some pretty simple puzzles.

*Enter escape room*

Upon being chained to a wall, breaking out of a padlock and entering the next room, we were immediately stumped with what we faced and a further ten minutes of looking absently at the various puzzles passed before we actually decided that it was time to ask for the one clue that you get throughout the entire 45 minutes. The guy actually gave us a few because we were significantly behind schedule. I sincerely hope that this happens to everyone.

After our clues, things took off a little bit and we used our remaining time to open a couple more padlocks and crack a code written on a dead body – cute.

However, our valiant efforts were made to look even worse when, upon the timer going off, the staff come in to reveal that there was a whole other room with a further six codes that we hadn’t even come close to. Ouch.

*Leave escape room with bruised ego*

If you would also like to be knocked of your high horse then hit an escape room and fail miserably like we did.





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