Is it love though?

The streets of Hanoi in Vietnam are the definition of bustling – skinny streets lined with tall narrow buildings that scream French colonialism, covered with overhanging vines, pavements plagued with street food and roads littered with scooters (honestly,
every time you get across the road can be counted as a real achievement). With this in mind, wandering this city with only the aim of getting lost is a rush of emotion, (mostly fear of being run over and hunger) but in an effort to absorb it we did the only natural thing and rented a tuktuk for half an hour with what seemed like a nice Vietnamese man, albeit perhaps a little merry with the arrival of Chinese New Year.

In we jump, Carly’s arm around my shoulder, nestling in for a romantic roam around the city, when someone suddenly plants one on my cheek – and I’m just going to clarify that it was sadly not Carly. I turn around to see our tuktuk driver grinning and pointing madly at me whilst shouting ‘number 1’ to all the people we happen to pass. I think that from that point Carly and I were much less inclined to sit within reach of him for fear of another wet one on the face.

Only a few streets later I get a marriage proposal. Now, whilst this was very flattering, (obviously) I just feel like I’m not ready to get into any kind of serious commitment at this point in my life. I mean I’m only 22, I still trip over my own shoelaces, and to be honest I’d only known the guy for about 15 minutes and that’s much too soon for anything outside of an early Disney movie. So with a heavy heart I denied him. Hopefully I will get another from someone equally as charming somewhere down the line. I’m sure my parents will be very disappointed I won’t be bringing him home for Christmas Dinner.

All I’m saying is, if you’re looking for long term commitment then look no further than the streets of Hanoi.



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