I have literally not got a clue what I want to be doing with my life in terms of a career or a location and I have very little expectation that I will be arriving at a decision regarding those things any time soon, if ever. I am okay with this. (Doubt my mum is)

I will travel, I will meet new people, I will fall in love, I will most likely get steamrolled by someone again, I will eat weird things, climb big mountains, I will forget every night that involves tequila and I will aim to continue to write about as much of it that is worth reading…

But given some recent events, I have been taught that it is also important to be keeping in mind the less vague things I want from life, both for myself and what I want from another person at some point somewhere (a long long long) way down the line. In a far less elegant way than how it was said to me, don’t settle for anything less than what you really want and what you really need and don’t settle for anyone that doesn’t have the same size dreams as you do.

Some things have got to be non-negotiable.


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