Since arriving in Asia I have quickly come to the opinion that Vietnamese food is up there with some of the
best cuisine in the world. My recent trip to Vietnam has only confirmed this opinion.


Now if you have had the pleasure of
visiting Hanoi’s Old Quarter then you will be aware that its’ pavements are packed with endless offerings of some pretty delectable street food to tantalise your tastebuds – we’re talking Bánh mì (scrumptious french style bread with an array of different fillings), Bún Chả (my personal favourite – cold vermicelli noodles normally accompanied with pork, vegetables, and drowned in a fish sauce) and Pho Ga (the best chicken noodle soup you will ever taste) to name a few – these offerings were never denied.

Perhaps they should have been turned down on a more regular basis given that I’m probably going to leave Asia with a figure that resembles a balloon, but when you only have four days over Chinese New Year to fit in Hanoi’s cuisine then you have to make sure you really do fit it in – so that means ensuring that you don’t walk a street without trying at least one thing along it.




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