If you’re remotely similar to myself then you’ll probably be aware of the fact that you’re not worth speaking to in a morning before you’ve had that first sip of coffee. It’s like autopilot for me in the AM now to somehow wander, eyes half closed, to the kitchen, boil the kettle, take that first gulp and wait for that all important caffeine hit to kick in.
I’ll admit it: My name is Ella Watson and I’m a coffee addict.

If life really is to flash before your eyes before you die then I imagine a very large percentage mine will be sat in hipster coffee shops (because I’m insanely edgy), slurping my way through cups and cups of that blessed bean and burying my nose into the next of the huge pile of books that are constantly accumulating by the side of my bed.

So when my friends here in Hong Kong started raving about the beauty that is Vietnamese coffee I couldn’t really wait to try it – but I did. After planning a trip to a Vietnam over the Chinese New Year, I decided that, despite all the positive feedback and the countless opportunities for me give it a go, I wasn’t going to try it until I touched down in Hanoi. If I was going to have my first Vietnamese coffee, I was going to have the real deal, sat on a street corner in the bustling capital of Vietnam.

And my oh my was it worth waiting for.

I spent my time in Vietnam very very very awake, possibly slightly jittery and with a pace of speech that was too quick for the human ear to decipher given the sheer scale of coffee that I actually consumed over these four days. That first sip sealed it, I was sold within a second. But plenty of studies have underlined the benefits of a few cups of coffee a day right? – so long as you’re not adding lots of sugar or milk or something, which is of course exactly what makes Vietnamese coffee so good.. Whoever came up with putting a spoon of condensed milk in is a genius and I can honestly say that I love you and hate you in equal measures for bringing such a dangerously delicious thing into the world.

It was definitely worth waiting for, but now I’m sat counting down the seconds until my next fix. The coffee addiction is spiraling out of control.


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