Up there with worst views I’ve ever seen

After being given the opportunity to kayak around the majestic Halong Bay, which I highly recommend by the way, Carly and I avidly jumped into our boat in a valiant effort to show off our incredible strength and stamina – as if people wouldn’t have already noticed that.
Shadowed by steep limestone islands, floating on sparkling opal waters, we paddled through caves, under hanging rocks resembling something similar to melting wax, in constant alert for the white-headed langur of Halong Bay and attempted to take in the incredibly surreal experience that was occurring. There I am naively paddling in the front when I should but glance back to see my partner in crime cruising along for the ride – paddle down, laid back, soaking up the sun. In all honesty, what annoyed me about this whole situation was the fact that I hadn’t thought of it first.

Halong bay is one of the best of places to be doing nothing but have someone row you around – just floating along contemplating how such a breathtakingly beautiful place actually exists outside the world of Jurassic Park. My thoughts were more along the lines of ‘I’m really quite tired’, ‘I wish someone was doing this for me’ and upon discovering her lack of activity ‘I wonder how cold the water is if I topple us over?’.


(The water was very cold)


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