I would probably consider myself a morning person – I hate to burn daylight unless it’s in aid of nursing a hangover and even then I’d at least try to lug myself towards the light. But even for a morning person 6am get ups don’t quite qualify as easy. There has to be some incentive for me to leave the covers pre-sunrise.

Incentive: Tai Chi with the sunrise.

Before visiting Halong Bay I’d never given Tai Chi any time of day, never mind 6am. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to try it but rather that I was under the impression that anything that moves at such a slow pace would send me into a total pit of boredom. However, given that I was staying on a boat in the middle of the UNESCO world Heritage site that is Halong Bay, and this Tai Chi was timed for the sunrise, I came to the conclusion that this ridiculous hour might actually be worth it.

As it turns out, Tai Chi is an activity I will be doing again regardless of whether I happen to be residing in such a spectacular setting. I started the day with the sunrise, feeling completely detached from any care in the world, and that feeling seemed to stay with me the whole day.

‘Terrible view’, said Ella. ‘The worst’ replied Chantel



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