It would definitely be an understatement to say that I was beyond excited about the coming few years, but those are the only words that I can think of right now to adequately describe the prospect – mostly because I don’t think there is a word for the kind of fidgety giddiness that I go through most days.

I was fortunate enough to be part of a family that instilled in me some sense of adventure. My Dad has climbed and trekked all over the world, my Mum, leaning more towards sun and white beaches, has got some pretty decent ones checked off the list that I guess I’d quite enjoy. So, when Uni came to an end last summer, during which time I had in fact just been sat fidgety for three years waiting to get the heck out of England, my instant intention was to pursue that goal as soon as possible. And thus Hong Kong happened.

Unbelievably, I’m five months in to a years contract and I still feel like I arrived yesterday, except now I don’t get lost as often (still get lost frequently), I know a handful more people and most importantly I know where to go to find the best egg waffles, dim sum and coffee – i.e. the most important things. I still absolutely love it here but the fidget is back and I constantly catch myself counting down the days until the next time I’m sat in the departures lounge of Hong Kong airport. (I really love the decor and the chairs are exceptionally comfortable)

Hong Kong departures lounge – top spot

After having just returned from Vietnam, which I’ll be visiting again, I literally have a countdown to a trip to Beijing over Easter, then showing my parents around like the new Hong Kong pro that I am, Indonesia in May, a long three month adventure absorbing as much of Asia as I can after the contract ends, Europe for the ski season and I find myself already rejigging the CV for jobs in Japan for next Spring. Honestly, that is probably the most in depth and far in advance I’ve ever thought in my entire life.

Saying that, if five months flew by that quickly then the rest of my contract will be over in the blink of an eye, and whilst I’m as giddy as ever, I should also be constantly reminding myself how incredible a place Hong Kong is whilst I am still here. I’ve got the greatest of friends, the best roommates in the world (soppy) and one of the most bustling cities just outside of my window – like I can see it whilst still being horizontal in a morning. There is so much opportunity for adventure and growth every day that I open my eyes here, why should I be wishing my time away for the next thing when the now is so insane?

So, yes, I’ll sit  with a huge smile plastered to my face, googling remote islands in Indonesia and plaguing Carly with texts upon texts upon texts like the incredibly clingy person that I am convincing her that this is where we should go next (she doesn’t need any convincing really), and I’ll spend time every day looking for jobs elsewhere, flights here, boats there, what to see, what shouldn’t be missed, asking people what they thought of certain places, do they know any gems. Equally, I’m grateful everyday that I somehow ended up in such an ace city and I’m not wishing it to end anytime soon.



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