For one reason or another, these past few weeks I have been completely wiped in terms of energy. After heading out with the girls the other night, it seems like we have all hit a wall of complete exhaustion. As a result, my days have been a series of sneezes, pill popping and napping at any given opportunity. I admit that I feel sorry for myself and I want my Mum – there I said it. I JUST WANT MY MUM.

In spite of this it has come to my attention that there will always be people who have bigger problems than those that I have – so I’m a little ill and I’m craving a day to day activity that is slightly more mentally stimulating than talking to three year olds (that is not to say that I do not still love them) but taking everything into account, I’m an exceptionally fortunate person to live the life I live, surrounded by the friends and family that I have.

I was reminded of how minuscule my problems were the other day when I happened to hear a terrible ordeal that my friend’s family are currently living through. Get your tissues at the ready people, this one is a tear jerker.

It so happens that this person’s Aunt and Uncle happen to have a tank of shrimp in their home. One day, they came to the realisation that one of these shrimp had in fact fallen pregnant and their once moderately populated tank was now overflowing with little shrimp babies. Now, one or two shrimp babies might be okay, you can make sacrifices here and there to make ends meet, but anything more than a handful undeniably makes you stress about the general upkeep and care of so many kids, never mind getting them all into bed on time. So naturally, with a heavy heart, said Aunt and Uncle are attempting to give away their shrimp babies. (If you need shrimp, I can hook you up) 
What makes it worse, in their opinion, is that they are now unable to identify which shrimp was in fact the mother, and have become increasingly alarmed that if they are not able to get rid of her soon, in addition to the children, they will be plagued with another set of shrimp babies, who will only have been able to be created if said mother had in fact mated with one of her children. The Aunt and Uncle are extremely concerned about the occurrence of shrimp incest under their roof.

Honestly, the struggles of some people’s lives make me very grateful that mine is currently very straightforward.

I do personally see the easy solution here as being just eat the damn shrimp but that’s because I’m heartless and I happen to think shrimp are very tasty.

Overall, this lesson has been a twofold educational experience for myself. I now recognise more than ever that people have bigger problems than myself and I understand a lot more about the shrimp reproductive system which I imagine will end up being very useful somewhere down the line. Most pub quizzes I have attended tend to have some question addressing shrimp and their mating habits.


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