A hike around the jungles of Hong Kong hits you with a very different array of animals than one you might get wandering around the hills of the UK. No more squirrels, inquisitive sheep trying to steal your lunch and the occasional sprint away from mad cow. No. Those have now been swapped for snakes, (huge) spiders and the occasional monkey. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t disappointed that I hadn’t yet bumped into a panda, but so far, no such luck. I will just have to wander in the general direction of Ocean Park to see those ones. 


Devil eyes

With moving to Hong Kong comes a long bucket list. Hong Kong is small but it’s packed with things to do, places to visit and cool experiences to try. The possibilities are pretty endless. Fortunately, given the fact that I still have a while here, and in all honesty it’s definitely the sort of place I could see myself coming back to, I don’t feel as if I’m in some mad rush to get them all done, but I am slowly making my way through the rather extensive list. (Admittedly, a large amount of this list is devoted to food and coffee.)

One of those things that everybody seems to do at one point or another is visit Monkey Mountain, otherwise known as Kam Shan Country Park in northern Kowloon. It’s sold to you as a short hike with the opportunity to see a lot of monkeys. Those that say this definitely aren’t lying on the monkey front as you will be faced with numerous. However, short hike should be redefined as quick sprint for your life. These monkeys don’t need much aggravating before you get a hiss or a lunge towards you. My housemate, who went here on her day off last week, said that within about 30 seconds of seeing her first monkey, having it full on launch itself towards her, she would happily have hopped on the bus home going no further. Monkeys are not as cute as you want to think they are.

To put this into further perspective, I asked her to describe her personal experience of Monkey Mountain in 3-5 words and the following was her response: ‘Terrifying, fear-instilling, not so cute.’

Says it all really.

If you do decide to go to Monkey Mountain in spite of this post, then be sure to bring someone who is slower at running than you are.


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