I’m not going to lie, the pace of Hong Kong life is very addictive. If you want something in this city, regardless of the time, you can pretty much get it.
I don’t come from that kind of place. Yorkshire is definitely not a land of skyscrapers and partying at all hours but rather rolling green countryside and friendly ‘ay ups’. There’s a lot to be said for that too though, I have to admit.

Now, whilst I love the pace of this incredible city, I’d also be very quick to divulge that I love equally to get out of it and explore the quieter life that I’m used to. If you haven’t actually been to Hong Kong then you might be surprised to find that it has the best of both worlds. This might be one of the most cosmopolitan and busiest places in the world, but it’s also got more hikes than I can be bothered to count, which is great because it’s an activity that I averagely enjoy (a lot), and numerous adventures for you to take beyond the concrete jungle. If you ask me to go on a hike I’ll always be game – I love being with just my own two feet a lot of the time, so it’s great that Hong Kong has so many options for getting out of the city – it’s an excellent way to stay sane in such a crazy place. 

The other week, the girls and I headed out to the beautiful Sai Kung country park in order to chase some waterfalls. A quick bus and a taxi later we’re out in the jungle of Hong Kong, soaking up the rays and working Mr Probz’ ‘Wave after wave’ into as much of the conversation as possible though I’m still uncertain as to why this started happening. A day with these girls is always incredible, but this one was extra ace and has definitely gone up there as one of my all time favourite days in Hong Kong with a personal favourite moment being when Tarryn refuses to go any further, and turns around completely despite being about two minutes from the waterfalls, due to the appearance of a small cow in the middle of the trail.

After a hike to Sai Wan, our day was spent eating homemade guac and chips on the beach,  climbing up to the waterfalls and sitting for hours chatting, followed by a speedboat ride back to Sai Kung town through the vast amount of islands Hong Kong is made up of, as the sun was setting and finally topped off with some delicious Sri Lankan food at AJ’s Sri Lankan Cuisine, which I highly recommend. A perfect end to a perfect day, and not one that I would have thought I’d be having when moving to the city.

Despite a day at work the day before, and a night in central the evening before, getting a long way from the city meant that I felt like I’d been away for weeks, which is exactly what I needed.


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