You’ve probably heard through the grapevine that there are easier places to get into besides China. I can now confirm that this is in fact true. It’s not smooth sailing but, to give you a spoiler, the task has been completed.

It took queueing up in Wan Chai Chinese embassy twice, filling out countless forms, needing a really long list of ridiculous information, formal invitations, being told you could only get a 9 year visa (not true), more emails than I could care to count and a really really big smile but it has happened. I’m going to China.


I genuinely do always put my litter in the bin

Fortunately, I didn’t leave this one until the complete last moment as I usually would, which is possibly my greatest decision of the year because I would have well and truly cried if I couldn’t have gone this Easter. This would have been not only because I would have wasted a bunch of cash on flights, not got to see the Great Wall and the Forbidden City but also because I wouldn’t be able to write up my trip in witty life lessons for you all to read about.


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