I have been genuinely asking myself over the past few days how on earth anyone does this planning thing – I commend the people that do this on a regular basis for the great output of energy that it takes. I can safely say, I will not soon be turning into one of them.

My parents are coming in about a month, and obviously I want them to have an insane time. The natural thing that occurred to me was to create an apparently effortless yet insane itinerary to ensure that Hong Kong wows them. I also figure that this way they won’t shun me for the possibility of staying here forever, which becomes a more likely outcome with every day that passes. But, when it has come to down to me sitting and trying to work out where to send them and what they need to see, I’ve found myself being overwhelmingly panicked – that’s right, I got a bit stressed about something.

Normally, I don’t tend to think in more depth than vague ideas any more than about three days in advance of whatever I happen to be doing and even that is quite early planning for me. This suits me well, but as I’ve already written in some other lesson, it has had the effect of annoying other people and brought out the stubborn part of me that refuses to cooperate with those that want to impose on me a military type schedule. I’m just not a planner. I only knew I was coming to Hong Kong about six weeks before jumping on the plane, and even then I didn’t really stop to think about any of the details until a few days before, much to my Mum’s dismay. But many thanks to her for doing the worrying for me, because it didn’t really occur to me how many things you actually have to consider before moving all the way across the world, and fortunately she had all the information either already prepared for me or already completed for me. I’m a lucky girl with a fantastic and OCD level organised Mother – many thanks.

As it turns out, I didn’t inherit this organisational trait from my Mum. That’s not to say that I consider myself to be disorganised, I’d even go so far as to say my life is not complete chaos the majority of the time, but I definitely don’t have the pressing need to have the details of the next six months planned out down to the second. That’s why, in planning for my parents to come, I’ve been a little out of sorts. I booked a restaurant over six weeks in advance – who does that?

I find myself stressing that maybe they won’t have time to do some things, or other things won’t take us that long to complete and they’ll be sat twiddling their thumbs after flying half way around the world to see me. (Sounds like I vaguely care doesn’t it) Where should I take them to eat? Which rooftop bars have the best views? Will they want to come to lkf with me on Saturday night? What should they do when I’m at work? Do I need to factor in time for them to nap? Do I make them try stinky tofu for a laugh?


In spite of this, it’s now under a month until my parents touchdown in Hong Kong and I don’t think I’ve ever been quite as excited about anything in a long time, which is saying something because I’ve been reasonably giddy about a lot of things over the past 6 months.




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