If you haven’t ever come across durian before then I highly recommend that you stay really really far away from it. Much to my dismay, coming to Asia means that it’s possible to find it anywhere.

My first encounter with this terrible thing was at Uni, when my housemate Oli brought one home for James and Radu to try after having claimed how popular it was in Malaysia. It turns out, that after cutting into it, the house smelt so terrible that I actually left to stay at my boyfriend’s house. Overall, I wouldn’t say that this was a positive experience. It was made worse when they decided to freeze it as they hadn’t consumed it all, so that every time you opened the freezer the whole scenario of having to leave and stay at your boyfriend’s would occur all over again. I did try it, after a lot of encouragement from James, and it doesn’t taste half as bad as it smells, but that’s not to say on any level at all that I even remotely enjoyed it.

You may have gathered at this point that I’m not a fan and I have so far managed to avoid having to eat it whilst being in Hong Kong. There have been odd occasions where I have got into the elly and can tell that somebody has brought one home, but I can survive the 20 floor ride with just a faint smell. However, the other week I went to see Deadpool (awesome by the way) and the person sitting a couple of seats to my left decided that it would be a great idea to crack some out. I don’t think I’ve felt that much anger so instantly before in my entire life. Half the reason I go to the movies is just to enjoy the smell of popcorn, don’t rain on my parade with your terrible taste in exotic fruit.

I know you don’t go to the movies to make friends as such, but you also don’t want to walk out with enemies. They did.


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