Some friends are for life, not just for Christmas.

This was a line that was often delivered to me by my Dad after choosing subjects throughout my education that required me to write some insanely long essays. I’m competitive, it’s a terrible trait, so it bothered me that some kids could write pages and pages where I might only be writing a succinct few. But according to him, it doesn’t matter how much you write, so long as you write it well. And so I proceeded to go through my University career writing the fewest words I possibly could whilst still hitting the word count, except on occasions where I went off on one about how corrupt I thought the government was – direct quote from my Orwell essay  ‘we all know the government is shady as fuck.’ (queue a first for eloquence).

Ironically, that was a very long introduction to a topic that is only mildly related.

Upon moving to Hong Kong, I’ve realised that this quality not quantity applies to more than just a word count. Due to the fact that you’re miles and miles from your family and best friends paired with the fact that people are always coming and always going, I’ve realised how important it is to surround yourself with a select group of really solid friends who literally have your back for anything and everything. It’s all very well getting to know a huge bunch of people vaguely, I mean you’re never going to hit lkf alone that way, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that as such, but, in the end, I’d rather have a couple of insanely brilliant ones. That’s not to say that I’m trying to avoid making friends out here, I might even say I know more than a handful of people now and they’re all very excellent, but I do have some insanely incredible ones who deal with my competitive streak even when we play scrabble and usually still talk to me afterwards. They’re definitely not going to get rid of me when we all leave Hong Kong and head our separate ways in six months or so. Very unfortunate for them.

In the end it’s always going to be the select few you keep with you anyway. I had lots more friends in school and University than the ones I keep in touch with but I’m glad those ones stuck around for me even when I moved 6000 miles away. I hope the people I’ve met here will be the same.img_2207


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