I wouldn’t normally be the type of person to suggest that one takes the easy way out – if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you right? In this case I swallow my words and strongly advise that you opt to follow in my ‘footsteps’.

This Easter I finally hit mainland China after nearly 7 months of living in its closely related SAR. Naturally, the first thing we decided to do upon arrival was do the most Chinese thing you can see in China and go to the Great Wall. So, upon touching down in Beijing International we headed out to the Mutianyu section.

It’s about an hour outside of the city and, as I understand it, a popular location to visit. Although, thankfully on the day we were there, which also happened to be pretty much the first day of Spring with blue skies and hot sun, there were only a handful of others out doing the same thing that we were. Mutianyu has lots of watchtowers, is well preserved and is an area of the Great Wall that is surrounded by beautiful mountains. I’m a sucker for a pretty mountain.

After grabbing a cableway up and a short hike along taking a stupid number of selfies and of course eating Mini Eggs considering it was Good Friday and apparently we can’t go anywhere or do anything without a snack, it was time to head back down and make our way back to the city (for food). Naturally, you’d assume you either walk back down the hill or you go the same way you came, but in fact you’re very wrong. This part of the wall boasts a toboggan all the way back to where you started so you can literally slide down the side of a mountain with the wall as your backdrop. Why on earth would you not take the easy way down?


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