I know China is renowned for its issues of censorship, so here is the truth people.
It turns out that the Forbidden City actually isn’t forbidden at all. In fact, you can waltz right on in for 40RNB and hang out there for the whole day if you want. You can even bring in a croissant for a snack (did I find a croissant in China and do this? – yes I did)

There are a few guys wearing really important looking uniforms dotted around but mostly they’re just there for show and to hurt you if you do anything that actually does qualify as ‘forbidden’. Given that the Forbidden City is called forbidden but actually isn’t forbidden, then you can probably ignore all the other things you’re ‘not allowed’ to do as well. Worst case scenario is that you get in trouble with the Chinese authorities and who wouldn’t want that. No big deal right.

Not so forbidden city

So, they may have got their descriptions a bit mixed up on the Forbidden City, maybe it’s just a language barrier, but they certainly hit the nail on the head with The Great Wall. Hats off to you China, you did indeed build a really great wall.

Before heading there, I’d heard a pretty wide array of responses about going to see it -the chief one ended up being that it is ‘alright’. I have to disagree completely because it was brilliant and it truly astounds me how long it took, how on earth they built it and how far it goes. I guess people complain that it’s had to be reconstructed on a lot of occasions, so a lot of it is barely the wall that it started off as, but if you were that old then you’d probably need some fixing up too.




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