Ever since I went to Taiwan earlier this year, I can safely say that I’ve developed a terrible addiction to pineapple cake. It’s just so damn good and if you haven’t had it then I’d suggest you try it so long as you don’t mind temporarily losing all self control if you come face to face with a box of it.

A box is fine though, if you think about it. Once it has gone, it’s gone. What’s not okay is if you happen to venture into one of Hong Kong or Macau’s many bakeries that have endless samples of this out on display in the hope that you’ll buy a box. For me, that basically translates to complete chaos.

If I go into one of these, I eat their samples dry and exit a few pounds heavier. I’ve finally come to the realisation that if I do want to maintain some kind of shape that isn’t similar to that part in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory where Violet turns into a blueberry, I should probably just avoid going in them in the first place – temptation is averted.

On a similar note: you should all go out and try it because it’s delicious.


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