As my parents were visiting Hong Kong this past week, which basically translates to pack everything Hong Kong has to offer in an unfeasibly short span of time, I decided to take them, of course, to the races in Happy Valley.

I remember I went to the races in my first week here with Scarlett, Jayne and Carly and it was without a doubt one of the moments that I started to truly fall in love with this city – not just because I had incredible company but also because there is something about all that atmosphere set against the backdrop of the skyscrapers that really does steal your heart.

So I took my parents up to Happy Valley and watched their eyes widen as they stepped through the barriers. Ten minutes later, they both have beers in hand, have placed bets and are standing at the side of the course waiting for the race to start and their horses to probably lose. They were naturals at the whole gambling thing – shocking.

If you’ve been to the races then you’ll probably be aware that there are quite a lot of good looking guys in suits hanging around – yet another reason we visit now and again. This was something my mother also happened to notice. Deadly serious (and multiple beers down her), she turns around whilst waiting for the race and informs me that whilst there are a lot of attractive guys about, I should only go for them if they have good shoes. If they don’t have good shoes, then they don’t have money, and obviously that’s a key quality that I look for in all people because I’m as shallow as they come.

I’ve missed having a Mum’s wisdom offered, I really have. (Genuinely, not sarcasm. Feel like I have to make that clear)


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