I came to Asia knowing full well that the chances of me coming into contact with a large collection of bugs was pretty much inevitable. So far I’ve had a day long battle with a cockroach and walked the Wilson trail essentially in a squat so as not to disturb the (huge) spiders hanging above my head.

It seems, now that it’s got a bit more humid, that another rascal is quivering on the horizon.

I’m usually pretty lucky when it comes to mosquito and insect bites (discounting this one time when I was living in Italy and woke up with upwards of 50 spider bites on each leg. I then proceeded to sleep in a ridiculous number of long layers and knee high socks so as to avoid getting more and scratching the ones that were already existent. I did all of this in 35degree heat and in a room with no air conditioning, but that’s really another story). (Also the time I got stung by 5 wasps and 2 jellyfish on the same day) Besides these encounters, they tend to leave me alone.

Here it seems that I’ve become a prime target. There are these tiny little black flies that clearly think I’m the sweetest girl around. They bite me when I’m in the park; they bite me when I’m in the classroom; they bite me when I’m asleep in bed. There has been, so far, no escape.

That being said, it seems more than a fitting reminder that you should never let yourself be trodden all over. Yes, I guess I’m still relatively new to Hong Kong and maybe I’ve had a sweet deal for the past 22 years with regards to being attractive to bugs, but that doesn’t mean that I deserve to be treated as a meal.

So, I’ve purchased a new perfume called Jungle Formula MAXIMUM and it smells disgusting and now they’re leaving me alone. So is everyone else also. It’s working like a charm for when I’m feeling antisocial.


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