If you don’t know me or haven’t read further down my blog (yet) then a very quick fact is that I really enjoy hiking. I also happen to be one of those people that has to bag the big one.

Beautiful wire fencing

On account of this, I didn’t feel that I could leave Hong Kong without at least climbing the biggest peak that there is here, which admittedly is not very high. Fortunately, I have some lovely friends who also felt the need to check it off the list and so we set out on the bank holiday weekend to ascend Tai Mo Shan, the tallest ‘mountain’ in Hong Kong.
Despite a brief struggle with getting to the start location due to the longest bus queue to ever grace the world, we eventually got going.

Note: don’t think you’re being super original by hiking the tallest peak on a bank holiday, you literally just had the same brainwave as at least half of Hong Kong.

One of the saving graces of this particular trail for me was that it was a proper trail, rather than a series of steps scaling up the side of the hill, so for the first time since arriving I actually felt like I was hiking in the UK again, though that may have also been due to the fact that you couldn’t see much more than two feet in front of you because of the cloud.

Whilst starting off as a nice climb, discounting the buckets of sweat because of the humidity (cute), the route quickly turns into a concrete road, only to emerge very near to the top of the hill, which is then cut off by barbed wire and warning signs about trespassing on government property. It wasn’t quite the epic finale we had hoped for and it definitely wasn’t worth leaving bed early on a Sunday morning.

I’ve learnt my lesson, the big one is not always the best one. I wouldn’t waste your breath on it, there are far more stunning hikes dotted around Hong Kong.


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