It’s taken nearly 8 months but I’ve finally stumbled upon a hike that can be classified as challenging in Hong Kong. I love the hiking here, and I’ve done some really brilliant ones and had some epic days, but apart from the fact you’re usually doing it in 30 degree heat and 80-100% humidity, I don’t normally classify them as anything as challenging as ones I’ve been doing in the past.

I can swallow my words after this weekend. On Sunday, a couple of friends and I headed out to Ma On Shan in the New Territories to conquer the Hunchback, Pyramid Hill and Ma On Shan peak.

The climb actually wasn’t too bad and had a bit of a scramble which is definitely something I miss about adventuring through the Lake District at home. After hitting the third peak before lunchtime we were feeling pretty good about ourselves, apart from being mauled by insects at the top which is an ongoing trend in my life at the moment.
Rather than heading back the way we came as the trail had suggested we decided to keep going towards the next MTR stop and began a hike down through the jungle, which is actually where the challenge began.

Not only was this the most challenging descent I have had in Hong Kong, it also definitely made its way to the most fun. I stupidly decided it would be a good idea to wear shorts and scratched all my legs (just in time for going to Indonesia) after walking through the bushes. I now look like I got in a fight with a cat, which is always a really attractive look to have. Then we headed further under the trees down slippy rocks and leaves, clinging onto ropes to steady ourselves . At some points I also ended up fully hugging trees as my feet continued to slide out from beneath me – it was a real test of the upper body strength that I don’t possess. I spent a lot of time on my butt, but I fell over fully probably less than ten times so I count it as a complete success.

It goes up there as one of my favourite hikes here, I’m glad I had a bit of a challenge before attempting to climb a volcano later this week.


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