Without wanting to make a huge generalisation, as far as living in Asia goes I probably can be classified as extremely tall/skyscraper. I realise I can be classified as tall anyway, but Asia takes that label and reclassifies you as a giant. This has often caused difficulty in finding clothes that are long enough, shoes that are big enough and more generally not feeling like a total Amazonian if you’re the only white person in a room.

It does also have its many advantages. Flying to Vietnam, Carly, Chantel and I were all moved to the emergency exit seats for being the tallest passengers on the entire plane. 

On my most recent flight to KL, a similar thing occurred. Once again, being one of the tallest on board I was instantly invited to move to the premier seats with extra legroom, to which I politely agreed. Later, as it was an overnight flight, the flight attendant showed me to an empty row of three so that I could fully lie down to sleep before anyone else jumped in with the same idea. Thank you kind sir. He topped this off with gently shaking me about 40 minutes before landing and giving me a mocha latte for free. I don’t know if that part was because I am tall or because I looked like I needed coffee to function upon arriving at the airport, which would have been a correct assumption. 

Overall it was a very successful flight and in my opinion is reason enough to stay in Asia. 


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