I know that I’ve developed a reputation for being a bit of a last minute packer, but honestly I just find it too difficult to cognate what I’m going to need for a trip until about twenty minutes before I need to leave the house. 

But seeing as though I’m planning on climbing a volcano in Indonesia, which requires a list of things you definitely need to bring, combined with the fact I was heading to the airport straight after work, I figured I should do it the night before. 

This ended up taking at least an hour or two longer than I had originally anticipated seeing as though apparently I’m just unable to adult sometimes. The task was actually quite challenging though because I had to account for the fact that it was going to be exceptionally cold at the top of a volcano whilst exceptionally warm on Gili T for the following week. I also decided that I was going to be able to fit two weeks worth of stuff in a day sack, which I did by the way, I just didn’t foresee that it would take me quite so long.

Despite the complaining I’ve arrived in Indonesia and have so far discovered nothing that I forgot to pack..yet. So I guess packing in advance does have its advantages because it usually occurs that I forget to bring something relatively necessary. 


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