The night before I hiked up Rinjani I stayed in this amazing little hotel in rural Lombok, in the little village of Senaru. The room was just built out of wood and bamboo and all it had in it was a bed with an insect net around it – perfect. 
The first part of this story involves me seeing the largest spider I have ever seen in my entire life perching on the wall. Spiders don’t really bother me that much but the fact this one was about the size of my head made me slightly uncomfortable. I moved closer to it to try and get it to move, or even to see if it was actually real considering it was keeping very still. Nothing happened even when I tried to move it so I assumed it was some decoration of sorts and left it.

I then got into my bed. I later shone my torch to the place where said spider had been sitting to see that it was no longer there, at which point two things occurred:

1. Who the hell would put a decorative spider on a wall anyway, you are an idiot.

2. Where the heck has the spider gone?

I then thought to shine my torch all over the room to try to see if it had moved to a different spot and wasn’t on the top of my head or something crazy. This in fact only increased my alarm because I then noticed a whole array of bugs had come out in the dark, the spider was the only one to disappear. I then became extremely grateful for the existence of insect nets.


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