Asked it to act natural

You can tell me all you want how cute you think monkeys are but I’ve finally admitted, wholeheartedly, that I find them to be one of the most fear mongering things on the planet.

Over in Bali, there’s a terrifying little tourist trap known as the Sacred Monkey forest. As you can probably imagine there are quite a lot of monkeys there. With some time to spare before meeting some friends for lunch, Carly and I ventured over to it to tackle our monkey fears together. (No fears were conquered.)

Whilst tourists were letting them climb all over them, Carly and I hunched our way through the monkey forest praying that the exit would arrive sooner rather than later. She spent a solid twenty minutes trying to convince me to buy some bananas and let one sit on my shoulder if only for the Instagram. I was almost considering it until I saw a huge monkey full on slap a girl in the face and quickly returned to my state of fear.

Legit will only photograph them when they’re not looking

I’m not entirely sure what enjoyment people can get from letting viscous little creatures eyeball and climb all over them trying to get in their bag, but that’s just me.
No, I don’t find the babies cute either.

There are monkeys all over the Rinjani national park too, which equated to me constantly second glancing everything. It also meant that my pace was much more rapid than usual.


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