To say that I was disappointed with the outcome of the EU referendum would be a ridiculous understatement.

A bright and progressive future will never be built on isolationism. This vote was only won out of ignorance, fear and xenophobia. I don’t suggest that all leave voters had terrible reasons for their decision, the EU isn’t perfect by any means, but rather that this would not have been the outcome if racism and fear had not played such a crucial role.

I’m sad to call myself British today. This was a big mistake in my humble opinion.

There’s a lot of rightly allocated hate towards the fact that an older generation decided a future for Britain that they realistically won’t have to suffer through. But it stands that 75% of people of my age voted remain. That screams a hope for a brighter future. That’s a sweeping majority of Britain’s immediate future who see the world better united. That’s a majority that should be willing to fight every single day to make sure that Britain fixes what it ignorantly just smashed to pieces. This is our future.

Ultimately, the people have spoken, and living in a democracy means that whatever the outcome and for whatever the reasons, our society must deal with it. From here, despite my disappointment, the only way is forward and the future will be as bright as we make it.


One thought on “87. Don’t lose hope.

  1. Hi Ella
    Thanks for this blog. Couldn’t have expressed the utter despair and shame better. We are currently walking in the Austrian mountains and finding it hard to reconcile our view of Europe with “Home”.
    Thanks Ange and Dave (your neighbours from Eastray)

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