It’s hot and humid in Hong Kong again and that means the cockroaches are back to wandering through the streets like they own the place. I hold up my hands unabashedly to admit that I find them incredibly shiver inducing and I will run away from one if I come into contact. I have  noticed that this tendency is shared with a lot of people in Hong Kong and have taken some comfort in noticing that I am not the only one to literally stop and embarrassingly dance around one if it meets me in the street.

It so happened that one ended up crawling around my classroom the other day, pointed out to me by a five year old girl saying ‘Miss Ella, big bug’. When I looked down to see, my reaction was not as calm as her. Instead I bolted, leaving said five year old in the room with the cockroach whilst I retreated to a safer distance. I then refused to enter said classroom again until it had been removed and cringily watched my headteacher and manager chase it around and get it outside and then sprint full speed away from it.

For some crazy reason, Katrina, the five year old little girl who I was teaching at the time, found the whole episode of four grown women running away from a bug quite hilarious.



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