You may or may not be aware at this point that I happen to live with a very good food blogger friend. Queue plug to go and check out her blog because it’s full of super foodie tips for the Hong Kong scene and accompanied with friendly puns – dimsumdiet. What’s not to love?Anyway, in the pursuit of her passion for food, my housemate is now participating in some Chinese cooking classes, aka music to my ears because that means more homemade food for me to try.
The other week, Carly ventured to create pork buns. If you haven’t had the pleasure of dim sum because you’re silly and haven’t ever been to Hong Kong, then they are the epitome of delicious. I’ll leave it to Carly to use better adjectives to describe them. Upon my return home from an epic hike one Sunday, I happened to find that there was an entire bag of them waiting for me to ‘slowly’ consume throughout the week for my lunches. Housemates don’t get much better than that.
But it did get better because a few nights ago she came home with an egg waffle machine. Life is good.


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