It’s really not chilly in Hong Kong, and whilst that hasn’t affected any decision to keep hiking, it has certainly affected the amount of sweat that occurs. I wouldn’t argue that there is a significant temperature drop past half six, but it certainly starts to get a bit more manageable and a bit less sweaty – strong emphasis on the words ‘a bit’.

With that in mind, it’s actually really nice to keep up the hiking at night for reasons beyond just the heat. Firstly, it’s a lot quieter. Hong Kong is in a perpetual state of people overflow and it can be really difficult to get breathing space sometimes, even when you’re out hiking. There’s something to be said for going up the side of a hill when the rest of the world is tucking themselves into bed. Not to mention the fact that even if there are still people out hiking where you are, you won’t see them for that long anyway because it’s dark. Secondly, Hong Kong is easily one of the most jaw dropping cities when its lights come on at night. It’s great to be above it all gazing down to the chaos now and again.
Thirdly, you’ll probably have a quicker pace. It’s dark, you can’t see much and there are a lot of sounds coming from the bushes. Fear is a real thing people. The adrenaline will get you up and down it in no time if you think a six foot long snake is chasing you.

Finally, Hong Kong is endlessly beautiful. At night, heading away from all the hustle and bustle, you’ll come to notice the incredible things that come out of hiding. It has definitely been one of my highlights here hiking up a trail lit up by all the fireflies.



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