I had high hopes to kickstart August as I meant to continue. With new plans to climb Kinabalu later this year, I thought it was about time to start getting a bit more vigorous with the training. Rinjani wasn’t so bad, but I’d like to be able to get up Kinabalu even quicker and I have no doubts that my body is more than capable of doing it.

So I rounded July off with an epic 8 peaks in a sweaty 41 degree heat. The hike was gorgeous, at times a little grueling but it definitely got the heart rate up and I have yet another trek around Hong Kong that makes you forget that you’re living in one of the most fast paced and built up cities in the world. All was well and good, I got back home Sunday night feeling tired and like I’d had a really good workout – not to mention some killer shorts tan lines to show off on the next junk. Sadly, when Monday lunchtime hit, I took a bit of a turn for the worst and proceeded to spend the next 24 hours head in hand feeling sick and dizzy. I’ll spare the not so pretty details but I haven’t been that ill in a really long time, and it was all in pursuit of my passion for trekking up steep gradients no matter what the weather.

I’ve definitely learnt my lesson this time around. If it’s 41 degrees out and you absolutely insist on hiking in the sun all day, bring double the water you think that you’ll need, wear lots of suncream and wear a hat even though you look like an idiot in one. Sunstroke is a really hideous thing and I highly recommend that you avoid it. August has not started as well as I had hoped.


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