It’s Friday night, you’ve still got a Saturday of work ahead of you, you’re a little tired, a little ill, you’ve had a relatively rough week, so naturally your housemate suggests that the best possible way to deal with this is to make some kick ass homemade milkshakes. No, not your standard shake, we’re talking works of art that you see on instagram after you scroll through all the foodie hashtags. It’s time to pull out those dusty art skills and create something that actually looks like it would be a shame to ruin by consuming it. So that’s what we did.
I have to admit that there is something very therapeutic about making your homemade caramel drip a certain route down the inside of your cool mason jar glass. And perfectly placing individual sprinkles around the brim of your glass. Ask me if I’m a perfectionist if you want.. (I’m not, I don’t know what came over me.) And for the first time in a while, it felt really good to be getting creative again, besides occasionally putting pen to paper. Next step will be cracking out some paintbrushes for sure, although I do like there being food involved.After creating two kick ass milkshakes, it so transpired that I had eaten so many of the ingredients along the way that I could only bring myself to actually consume about half of it. The creative juices were swiftly followed by a guilty morning run.


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